Spiritual plays
Floating thru liquid evening
Drowning all contempt &
Clearing skies otherwise grey
Revealing the singular eye
Which looks thru me
Gloating wisdom in halo
Of moon light.

Spotless lungs expand then contract
Exhaling the breath
Lighting life’s pulse
Which otherwise had ceased to be
Fortunate or cursed am I
To witness something true as this
Forced to question my

Suspicious mind unfurls
In this perpetual moment
Releasing with it ten thousand tears
The torrent flows &
Moans, churning viciously
At once calms, pooling
At the feet of hope.

Ambition drinks from the well &
Is satisfied
Carry me now
Liquid evening
Home to bed
Blanket me with tomorrows promise
Let me sleep in bliss.

Published by Lobster Thoughts

Poetic expression and general madness.

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