CIRCA 2020.

Circa 2020 post apocalyptic
bottom feeding chaos monkeys
gorge on the powdered milk
barren wasteland Fonterra created
While women’s breasts are tagged
and bagged, shipped off to leather
chair dollar men, well fed
they are.
Holy ghosts of homosapien
hydrogen bombs halo in burning
skies above
desolate cityscape no escape from
hopeless town where Rabbis now
sell smack to children and cats.
Welcome, make yourself at home
feel free to lie down and die
Bodies collected and mulched for
superb protein power shakes
everyone is big
yet some are bigger than others
Human race embraced disgraced
erased by teeny bop neon images
stealthily implanted through day
time television spiritual holocaust

Published by Lobster Thoughts

Poetic expression and general madness.

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