The gaunt, trembling and profusely perspiring buffoon
Coping with male pattern baldness by living
Vicariously through horribly stitched puppets
Grumbles nonsense into the ears of
Subhuman cretins
Suffering cerebral degeneracy while
Simultaneously expanding the capacity
Of their writhing love for
Poorly made household goods
Which inevitably find a home
In some far away cupboard
Never to be used.
So like hypnotized vermin
They stare in awe
Radically bopping to the low hum
Of verbalized garbage
Growing fat
Growing stupid
Rubbing their jeans furiously in anticipation
Chewing, swallowing, choking
Until their stomach is full
Their heads empty
Throwing money at a plastic God
Vomiting plastic promises
Hands raised in supplication
Forearms sweep across dripping foreheads
The stimulation unrivalled
How they crave another object
Meaninglessness is penetrative
Gluttony smothers their whispered sighs
Buy more
Eat more
Think less
Question nothing
Be happy.

Published by Lobster Thoughts

Poetic expression and general madness.

5 thoughts on “INFOMERCIALS.

    1. That’s a real compliment, thank you! I came across your poem ‘Fuck Dale Carnegie’ while trawling through the ‘poetry’ tag, also may have appeared on the ‘discover’ feed. I really enjoyed reading them!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You welcome my friend. And thank you for reading and discovering. I too, appreciate and enjoy reading your poems as well. You caught my interest in your way of writing. I love the way you write. 🙂


      2. That’s how I feel about L.A. people. I wrote it specifically for every stuck up narcissistic assholes who are full of themselves and don’t take the time to balance out by getting to know one another. In other words, people here in L.A. lack 2 things, courtesy and consideration of others. And that’s the problem here. I make people think and let’em have the truth right in their faces. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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