The tin-can alleyway rattling
of mechanical plow horse
flesh wagon spiteful screamer
dragging tooth & some nail
through shangri-la
who is now
fucked up beyond
all recognition
crying mud
where golden era relics
side burned delinquents
& self-proclaimed
armpit dwellers
shroud in prayer
pining for privacy
& peace
while belligerent
6 ft 5 geriatric ham hock
grunts carnivorous
overheard by
fluoro slave
who nods twice
salutes then resumes
molesting the atmosphere
swiftly convicted of
man attacks universe
is apprehended
& resting
ham hock is now






Published by Lobster Thoughts

Poetic expression and general madness.

5 thoughts on “DIG THIS.

      1. My pleasure. Please if not too much to ask visit my blog and follow if you think its worth. I myself am an amateur poet. And keep writing buddy.


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