Streamlined existence
Convenience is of utmost importance
Find your lover online.
Attention span non-existent
Expectations growing ever higher
What’s mine is mine
What’s yours is mine
Illiterate, porridge brained narcissists
Total collapse of culture
Self-conscious invalids, putty in the hands of
Clever advertising
Human interaction redundant
Pure pleasure monkeys grinning
Facebook Facefucks us all
I must be acknowledged
I must be respected
I must be envied
Like my post
Like my picture
Live my life
So I don’t have to.
Obsessed with reflection
Stripped of identity
One collective unconscious
Simon says
No privacy
No freedom
No future.
It’s a slippery slope
You’re greased up
Ready to

Published by Lobster Thoughts

Poetic expression and general madness.

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