Cafe Zoom.

Cafe rhetoric with
lawyers & lumberjacks
together felling all who
penetrate the skyline
of law.
There are rules
for a reason
lawyer spits
his suit calmly reassures me
I wont be morally audited.
Lumberjack however
sniffs at me suspiciously

“you’re getting tall and you’re getting old
it wont be long now”

Axe in hand, brain in box
mouth wide open
hyperventilating at the thought
of the swing.
Sister shroud wanders in
religious soda pop in hand
inebriated throws holy water
at lawyer who instantly slumps
to viscous puddle swamping
lumberjacks boots.
Suit swiftly makes waves
at a steady pace
lawyer yelps
no recognition
with suit gone no body
to listen.





Published by Lobster Thoughts

Poetic expression and general madness.

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