Sheriff Toad.

You thought you were all that
Struttin’ your stuff
Like some

Self-appointed hero
The messiah

Sheriff of this shit-hole town
Full of fuckin’ nobodies
Flashin’ your shiny badge
You floppy hatted cunt.
Oh you rambled on about
This & that
I wasn’t listening
I was completely focused
On your terrible moustache
& the way it rode your lip
When you spoke
Like some kind of nightmarish
Pubic rodeo.
Those ears you had
Dangling off the side
Of your boxed head
Clearly didn’t work
& should have been
Folded over
& stapled to your eyes
Because you
Saw & heard nothing
But your own
Verbal faecal fest
Accompanied by
A chimp like
Interpretive dance.
You truly are a
Redundant toad
Please hop along
Go play on the road
& stop
Croakin at me.


Published by Lobster Thoughts

Poetic expression and general madness.

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