The mind of man.

The siren song bids this nightmare live
A call to arms, to walk among us.
In familiar robes, parading smiles
Stealing vision and thanking you.

In the wake of heavy steps
Dust settles on the mind of man
Tongues throw words to death
Whose ears are victim and suffers too.

So they gather, to count their tears alone
Proclaim the pain of broken hearts
Forgetting only empty hands can grasp another’s
Trembling, blind, tangled
In the hopeless forest.

What song calls them back to life?
No release by serenade of golden strings
No choir sings of peace
But the siren song
Bids this nightmare live.

Published by Lobster Thoughts

Poetic expression and general madness.

3 thoughts on “The mind of man.

      1. You welcome…

        This is the reason why I too, love reading your work. You write different than anyone here on WordPress. You push the boundaries of poetry. That is why I liked your work from the very beginning. 🙂


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