Diary of a speed walking salad eater.

I was in town today and caught the eye of a man who was erratically¬†speed walking¬†while¬†simultaneously devouring a large salad. I have very little trust for people who engage in these activities. I got the impression he was a machine, programmed to annihilate humanity and whose primary fuel source was caesar salad. Suffice to say,Continue reading “Diary of a speed walking salad eater.”

Ordering a coffee.

    Ordering a coffee.     Leaving the Apartment. Eugene called the elevator. Impatiently, he paced up and down the lobby of the seventeenth floor. Wearing a look of well-worn despair, he wondered whether it would make its journey from the ground or the penthouse, as the elevator never seemed to rest on anyContinue reading “Ordering a coffee.”