The performer.

At once, the audience pounced and there thundered
an ungodly howl that shattered heavens
“Give us what we want!”
clambering over one another, they reached the stage
tore the performer to bits
the poor soul lay there in pieces
summoned the strength to ask:
“What do you want?”
The audience replied in unison:
“We want you to challenge us, but not in a way that we may fail it.”
“We want you to feed us familiar meals, but not in a way that they become stale.”
“We want you to speak in a learned manner, but no more learned than the least of us.”
“We want you to inspire us, but no more than our lives inspire others.”
“We want you to speak of love and heartbreak, for this we all have known.”
“We want our applause to wage war with your soul, until you are a slave to it.”
“We want you to be easily digestible, so we can gorge ourselves and not suffer!”
This is what you want from me?” The performer queried.
Said the audience.
At this, the performer bid them goodnight and ate what was left of himself.
The audience remained in the darkness of the damp amphitheater.
Their demands echoed and they applauded. 

Published by Lobster Thoughts

Poetic expression and general madness.

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