Brain brews and thought ships.

He, whose mind presents no space untrammeleddown by the dock of his thought shipsipping abortifacient brain brewscheaper than on-tap lager, mind you –yet to no avail, whats worse – erroneous predictions wind and rain, battered bruised and broken sails, weeping captainsa turn toward the town where even devils shy from profligatesa turn toward the townContinue reading “Brain brews and thought ships.”

An open letter to: The Wiz. (3)

It’s pure chaos here – a man was accosted today for resting his bicycle on the white line of a designated parking spot in town. The security guard was rabid madman apezoid and pointing one finger, that curled as his tongue wagged manically, he made the poor man flee with bike on back. Naturally, IContinue reading “An open letter to: The Wiz. (3)”

Scum Head Possession.

Scum head – nightmare machine and crown of madness resting but brutalizing lives are you alive and well scum head hearts still bleed have you clawed your way into the mind of man – witchcraft drunken naps – surely burrowed deepscum head endless stare from every corner suffocating silence demanding retribution creators ignorant apologetic painlessContinue reading “Scum Head Possession.”