Self-maddening perpetual pep talk Who could drink these thoughts & walk straight? Innumerable amounts squeeze through The infinitesimal feed I catch but two or three Hold them for a moment – No good. I send them back from whence they came. Hungover sentience prepares A worthy meal Warm buttered consciousness Evenly spread over crispy, toastedContinue reading “Lino.”


Schizophrenic crosstown traffic walls littered with well dressed insects religious figures and chinaman LSD forest ocean hell. birds forever grounded atop two-dimensional recycled trees. carcinogenic incense visibility low. A coin jar A tear jar An empty jar An empty man combine the first two with the third so the fourth can better understand itself. saxophoneContinue reading “Room.”

Sheriff Toad.

You thought you were all that Struttin’ your stuff Like some Self-appointed hero The messiah Sheriff of this shit-hole town Full of fuckin’ nobodies Flashin’ your shiny badge You floppy hatted cunt. Oh you rambled on about This & that I wasn’t listening I was completely focused On your terrible moustache & the way it rodeContinue reading “Sheriff Toad.”

Human Condition.

Cruelly condemned to contemplate the human condition constantly concerned by callous calculated universal criticism final judgment passed by cannibalistic cosmic council who’s sole purpose is to discontinue my continuous existence. Consistently plagued by complimentary close call reality checks courtesy of colossal corporate cunts.  

Cafe Zoom.

Cafe rhetoric with lawyers & lumberjacks together felling all who penetrate the skyline of law. There are rules for a reason lawyer spits his suit calmly reassures me I wont be morally audited. Lumberjack however sniffs at me suspiciously “you’re getting tall and you’re getting old it wont be long now” Axe in hand, brainContinue reading “Cafe Zoom.”


Streamlined existence Convenience is of utmost importance Find your lover online. Attention span non-existent Expectations growing ever higher What’s mine is mine What’s yours is mine Illiterate, porridge brained narcissists Total collapse of culture Self-conscious invalids, putty in the hands of Clever advertising Human interaction redundant Pure pleasure monkeys grinning Facebook Facefucks us all IContinue reading “SLIPPERY SLOPE.”


I don’t often head into town, you know I don’t really dig that scene, too many lights Little bit too fast Little bit too loud.  But when I do – Late night visits end in despair I look around and I see bodies Bodies lace the street From top to bottom Queens Duvets, blankets, pillows,Continue reading “CITY.”


The tin-can alleyway rattling of mechanical plow horse flesh wagon spiteful screamer dragging tooth & some nail through shangri-la who is now fucked up beyond all recognition crying mud where golden era relics side burned delinquents & self-proclaimed armpit dwellers shroud in prayer pining for privacy & peace while belligerent 6 ft 5 geriatric hamContinue reading “DIG THIS.”


Sure, You can have it all. Maybe. You could seize the dream, drag it down, lace up and walk a life like that. Sure. I bet it would be nice. But. You’re far too lazy. Complacent. Easily distracted. It’s a real shame, kid. You’ll look back. Maybe. See someone wearing your shoes. That stride. YourContinue reading “Maybe.”