Dirty Pockets and Haiku Hair Balls.

Regurgitation Shameless copycats will say you’re not up to scratch In limbo, mindless- Throw me a god damn bone, man. No peace in silence. Calculate the riskI was never good at math- Joke’s on me, I Gauss. Easier to die A thousand terrible deaths Than live one good life. Tumbleweed, brain-dead. Perhaps I’ll roll foreverItContinue reading “Dirty Pockets and Haiku Hair Balls.”

Callus handshakes – Gentle deals.

Walking extra miles saddened, detour for the sake. Loiter, burning thoughts pace – Delirium. Reaching skyline infinite. Sentinels illuminated godly, desire to approach in darkness. Stumbled near the voiceless chamber, slave to order – slave to peace Freedom pains, unwrapped bones, murdered in broad daylight. Guilt stains the jury bench, unanimously speak. Shaken. Demented. Vicious.Continue reading “Callus handshakes – Gentle deals.”

Rolling Haiku For My Dearest Friends.

Just rinse and repeat Routine is necessary Don’t wear harem pants. Learn to contribute I don’t want to hear about Your trip to Bali. Please, I’m not kidding I will set myself on fire If you keep talking. My diet is fine Stop chewing on your dreadlock You may have space aids. You smell ofContinue reading “Rolling Haiku For My Dearest Friends.”

Spare Me The Shameful Haiku Series.

This seems like the place                                            Where some come to shed their skin          And others to sweep. It is pure evil             Designed to leave you begging Continue reading “Spare Me The Shameful Haiku Series.”