700mg of Candy.

Sunday night Sedation Green Yellow Handfuls of candy Couch Sprawled out across the thing Burgundy robe Blanket of bricks My red headed friend Slumped in chair across By this stage Blind Metamorphosis. Beside him Another friend Being beaten by A German girl My heart was crawling Another red head My breath was slowing Explosive rageContinue reading “700mg of Candy.”

Outof Gasman.

No one told the driver Outof Gasman Push it over the line Get the kids involved They do it all the time. Redundant gestures in the line They tore my arms off A raging empire Heart thumping cataclysm They’ve tasted blood And By all accounts quite liked it. Lost my own attention It’s a farce,Continue reading “Outof Gasman.”

Haiku slugs don’t watch TV, Rick.

1 Don’t become the slug Who dried itself up in the Salt of its own tears. 2 Scream into the void I wonder what’s on TV? The void screaming back. 3 I’m sorry to have Lured you here under false Pretence, Mister H. 4 I don’t understand. Well, we say a lot of things. TryContinue reading “Haiku slugs don’t watch TV, Rick.”

Swing your tea.

Put humanity to boil everyone swings their tea bag the sun let’s do this by candlelight witness melting faces of your fathers we’ll go play in puddles sodden shoes and fire places third degree burns the hair a rancid smell the roses dying dead the garden rots away with all the pity run to knowingContinue reading “Swing your tea.”

We were just kids.

Give them what they want They’ll scalp you over Forty years Slow steady Seated at your table They’ll poke their fingers In the mash Pointing to the clock The door Your son The time was never there Your shoes are polished What happened to Barefoot bastards Pubic haircuts and Shopfront vomit She was waving scissorsContinue reading “We were just kids.”

Haiku Wrongthink.

Could I have foreseen Isolation has a price The world is strange now What a face it wears Frightened of its own shadow In search of safety Sensitivity Permission for expression Your thoughts are censored Suffocates the mind Correctness, prison sentence Political crime The misguided say Controversy avoided Learn from this flow chart Teach meContinue reading “Haiku Wrongthink.”