Illuminate me, if only for a moment. I expect that in this dismal darkness, stalks the thief we fear.

Sleight of hand his tempered blade, silent steps may traverse the expanse, but these feet of mine shall stumble.

Apparition in the eye, of the mind, who could dream of such a thing?

If I called for mercy, would the echo fly? Will it return lonely? Or come bearing the resounding no of deaths indifferent whisper.

Are we but pennies in the pockets of a thief? Forgotten and uncounted, the tedious protest of our collective strength, nothing but a tiresome jingle, at best vexatious.

Do we shroud ourselves in lint, perpetually imperturbable, waiting for the greasy hand of god to pluck us one by one and measure our worth in the condemnatory light of day?

Those golden blinding rays will radiate, passing judgment, giving place, sorting rank.

Why should we argue? Predetermined is our story and perhaps we are for the better.

For who is burdened more?

The coin?

Acquired and spent, such cyclical nature poses little threat, as change shall never rain and so acceptance is but a mere transaction.

The thief?

Whose hands must always plunder, whose mind can never rest, whose meals are scarce and lacking.

He who spends the coin, must seek the coin, live by the coin and perish before its finite beauty.

I find in these moments, illuminated, our jingle is resolute and we shall forever live in the haunting choir of the thief’s darkened, guilty pockets.


I saw you boarding
Sleepy eyed & apprehensive
Loitering between the doors
Shuffling and fumbling the cards
Snail paced, disgruntled
Heavy breathing
Sweating fear, clinging to yourself.

We are all waiting for you
Take your seat and settle in
The journey begins
In a moment –
Dies shortly after.
Trembling in the shadows
Darting from here to home
& back again

The cogs are screeching
Oil them quick
You whimper
Hands now crushed
By the weight of strangers glare.

Past me once more
You slithered
I said goodbye with a glance
You didn’t see
With your head at your feet

We left you there &
Carried on our way
I wondered
Moments later
If you would ever be found.


Spiritual plays
Floating thru liquid evening
Drowning all contempt &
Clearing skies otherwise grey
Revealing the singular eye
Which looks thru me
Gloating wisdom in halo
Of moon light.

Spotless lungs expand then contract
Exhaling the breath
Lighting life’s pulse
Which otherwise had ceased to be
Fortunate or cursed am I
To witness something true as this
Forced to question my

Suspicious mind unfurls
In this perpetual moment
Releasing with it ten thousand tears
The torrent flows &
Moans, churning viciously
At once calms, pooling
At the feet of hope.

Ambition drinks from the well &
Is satisfied
Carry me now
Liquid evening
Home to bed
Blanket me with tomorrows promise
Let me sleep in bliss.


Ego murdered love
Butchered a moment
Dragged it through time
Buried now in silence &
Tears, still kicking –
Heartbeat heard as echoes
In the mirrored chamber
Forced to face the glare
Of self.

Petrified in shadows cast
By intrinsic inadequacy
Fire of redemption –
Thawing flesh.
Preserved innocence
Warms the darkest side.
A virgin weeps
As lust runs hands over
Body & soul.

Witness the glass man
Attempt to reassemble
Only to find shards missing
Lost to eternity
Claimed by memory.
Hands a bed for slivers.

Ego murdered love

Butchered a moment.