Zeus, I’m pretty sure.

You drewEternal Time-Snake on the back of the uteResidual mindsWe were memoriesTime escapedThe tree was falling.I drewOur screamingTerrifiedPortraits on the windscreenNow God drove a Nissan.We laughedWe walkedWe drankNext dimensionStole our visionThe mirror dirtiedOur soulsYou said I looked likeVan GoghI was stuck in the photographYears agoA far cry away from sanityThe grass was greenerOur rooms wereContinue reading “Zeus, I’m pretty sure.”

An open letter to: The Wiz. (2)

Another dismal morning. You know, it’s been grey for over a week. A dirty wash of consistent mundane madness gloomy death smothers the sky. Ultimate foreverfuneral-foreverhell. The winds whipping up and bodies scurry to and fro, across the street panicked anxious scarves in faces blinded car horns blaring children screaming fuck school ma the sunsContinue reading “An open letter to: The Wiz. (2)”

Dirty Pockets and Haiku Hair Balls.

Regurgitation Shameless copycats will say you’re not up to scratch In limbo, mindless- Throw me a god damn bone, man. No peace in silence. Calculate the riskI was never good at math- Joke’s on me, I Gauss. Easier to die A thousand terrible deaths Than live one good life. Tumbleweed, brain-dead. Perhaps I’ll roll foreverItContinue reading “Dirty Pockets and Haiku Hair Balls.”

Rick Henderson Tries Twitter.

I’m twenty-five years old. I have only recently experienced Twitter, and, it’s as diabolical as I imagined. I’ve never been adept at self promotion. I’ve never been fond of social media. I don’t think anything productive will come from my interaction with this evil, but I am curious. I hash-tagged something for the first time, a few daysContinue reading “Rick Henderson Tries Twitter.”