Thursday morning reflections over cold coffee.

There was a time in my life when a handful of opiates and a bottle of something bitter would have swiftly drowned out the anxiety-inducing howls of a society on the brink of cannibalism. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I’ve achieved a level of sobriety that no longer allows for such escapades. So, in place of this,Continue reading “Thursday morning reflections over cold coffee.”

The performer.

At once, the audience pounced and there thunderedan ungodly howl that shattered heavens“Give us what we want!”clambering over one another, they reached the stagetore the performer to bitsthe poor soul lay there in piecessummoned the strength to ask:“What do you want?”The audience replied in unison:“We want you to challenge us, but not in a wayContinue reading “The performer.”

Bird song and Bribery.

Day’s end, silence pervasive.Loneliness heralds itself sole survivor of all tragedies.Exempt from rest, pinned to earth – defiled constellations.Viscous dreams to puddles, inward prison – bird songsomber, forsaken – rarefied – scowling, inadmissible.One still weeps, though all have perishedecho crimes of freedom, antagonized, unattainable.This box and perch and feed – bribery, complicit in cruel death.NoContinue reading “Bird song and Bribery.”

Brain brews and thought ships.

He, whose mind presents no space untrammeleddown by the dock of his thought shipsipping abortifacient brain brewscheaper than on-tap lager, mind you –yet to no avail, whats worse – erroneous predictions wind and rain, battered bruised and broken sails, weeping captainsa turn toward the town where even devils shy from profligatesa turn toward the townContinue reading “Brain brews and thought ships.”