Rolling Haiku For My Dearest Friends.

Just rinse and repeat Routine is necessary Don’t wear harem pants. Learn to contribute I don’t want to hear about Your trip to Bali. Please, I’m not kidding I will set myself on fire If you keep talking. My diet is fine Stop chewing on your dreadlock You may have space aids. You smell ofContinue reading “Rolling Haiku For My Dearest Friends.”

Haiku slugs don’t watch TV, Rick.

1 Don’t become the slug Who dried itself up in the Salt of its own tears. 2 Scream into the void I wonder what’s on TV? The void screaming back. 3 I’m sorry to have Lured you here under false Pretence, Mister H. 4 I don’t understand. Well, we say a lot of things. TryContinue reading “Haiku slugs don’t watch TV, Rick.”

Diary of a speed walking salad eater.

I was in town today and caught the eye of a man who was erratically speed walking while simultaneously devouring a large salad. I have very little trust for people who engage in these activities. I got the impression he was a machine, programmed to annihilate humanity and whose primary fuel source was caesar salad. Suffice to say,Continue reading “Diary of a speed walking salad eater.”