Haiku slugs don’t watch TV, Rick.

1 Don’t become the slug Who dried itself up in the Salt of its own tears. 2 Scream into the void I wonder what’s on TV? The void screaming back. 3 I’m sorry to have Lured you here under false Pretence, Mister H. 4 I don’t understand. Well, we say a lot of things. TryContinue reading “Haiku slugs don’t watch TV, Rick.”


A groan erupts – Desolation! Spewing forth the bowels of he Squealing senseless still, Void of heart Void of mind – Insanity beckons, Void of wonder Void of might – Mighty still in senseless squeals, Pledge to these, truth of truth Vagabond ears, empty head Slither here, shedding skin Make allies – Tomorrow’s dead inContinue reading “Void.”

Ordering a coffee.

    Ordering a coffee.     Leaving the Apartment. Eugene called the elevator. Impatiently, he paced up and down the lobby of the seventeenth floor. Wearing a look of well-worn despair, he wondered whether it would make its journey from the ground or the penthouse, as the elevator never seemed to rest on anyContinue reading “Ordering a coffee.”

Insta Gram Of Gratification

Food colouring! Rorschach every plate, reflection madman quips – “Dinner is served”. Nonetheless – Hunger of the belly-less satiated What an utter mess. Words to death hollow sentiment penned in ink diluted runs Occupy space – dare not create. Praised holy relics of no religion Parasite – yes you. Plague of no mercy blanket usContinue reading “Insta Gram Of Gratification”


Inaudible screech prophets – Hark! Thrown to ears drowning, not dying And you wonder why the eyes are empty Flock together ghastly mass see the circus Couldn’t burn fast enough – Yes, it’s true Junkyard autopsy neglect was a factor Resurrection doesn’t come cheap Snake oil bathing the young are immortal Stupidity – they laughContinue reading “Prayer.”


He proclaimed – “I am the ultimate cake” Then proceeded to eat himself. The kids felt sick and were vomiting gifts fully wrapped “Surprise” screamed the entertainer who had set himself alight Reciting small print terms and conditions “Who will blow out the candle?” He cried. Fever dream Marcus was in the booth, straws inContinue reading “Partly”


Joy lights a cigarette and slumps into the mire, glory feeds a smile that crawls along the cheeks disembarks and slips down the chin, slithering further until feet kissed and maddening wails buckle knees to prayer. Mirror epitaph, sly fucker – bricks for lunch and you thought you would live forever. Lukewarm isolation begs forgetfulContinue reading “Tential”

The Feast.

He who perished Starved Seated at the table of a sprawling feast. Guests’ finger licked Insanity poured another glass of gluttony Belching violently Stench Drawn by every nostril They twitch Convulse Clawing at hunger itself. Rampant, feral, crazed Greed conducts Opera of mastication Deafening Maddening Consuming. A tasteless meal For worthy critics Cutlery eyes stabContinue reading “The Feast.”


Prophets – slaughtered, silenced Faces stolen, woven together and flown Flag of surrender tormented Wind of disclosure Wailing, moaning for her sail. The vessels broken bones loosely chatter Words are lost to colourless death His hand crept unnoticed Infiltrating the puppet mind A performance ensues. Tears from the orator He who ate the heart ofContinue reading “I”


Time won’t slow or make haste. Time won’t hold up, wait up or make up for what you’ve gained and lost. Whether you built an empire or dug a hole to bury your head. Time stands indifferent. Whether you measured in seconds, minutes or hours. The sands slip effortlessly through fingers, all the same. SaintContinue reading “Marooned.”