Dirty Pockets and Haiku Hair Balls.

Regurgitation Shameless copycats will say you’re not up to scratch In limbo, mindless- Throw me a god damn bone, man. No peace in silence. Calculate the riskI was never good at math- Joke’s on me, I Gauss. Easier to die A thousand terrible deaths Than live one good life. Tumbleweed, brain-dead. Perhaps I’ll roll foreverItContinue reading “Dirty Pockets and Haiku Hair Balls.”

Rick Henderson Tries Twitter.

I’m twenty-five years old. I have only recently experienced Twitter, and, it’s as diabolical as I imagined. I’ve never been adept at self promotion. I’ve never been fond of social media. I don’t think anything productive will come from my interaction with this evil, but I am curious. I hash-tagged something for the first time, a few daysContinue reading “Rick Henderson Tries Twitter.”

Callus handshakes – Gentle deals.

Walking extra miles saddened, detour for the sake. Loiter, burning thoughts pace – Delirium. Reaching skyline infinite. Sentinels illuminated godly, desire to approach in darkness. Stumbled near the voiceless chamber, slave to order – slave to peace Freedom pains, unwrapped bones, murdered in broad daylight. Guilt stains the jury bench, unanimously speak. Shaken. Demented. Vicious.Continue reading “Callus handshakes – Gentle deals.”