The mystic experience of suburban sidewalk propaganda machines toilet humour disguised as law enforcement salt and peppered virgins detest being served. A monkey wears a hat do I shake his hand? He hurls his shit at me. I guess not. Perplexed by universal sitcom life I remove my third eye gift it to an infant.Continue reading “LAW.”


I hear the narcissistic ramblings of pretentious inheritance meat sack vulgar chokes as it tries to describe privilege to captivated recipient who is  gazing in admiration not immune to this fable, salivating for the gospel of success. But my skin crawls beneath poverty – striken threads stomach churns visions of struggle blood, sweat and tears, no stains onContinue reading “Jervois.”


Perhaps I’ll place these eyes in pockets and ears in silent boxes. Perhaps I’ll pin this tongue to ground and put an end to all its wagging. Perhaps I’ll scatter teeth in fields, to be found by lonesome farmer. Perhaps I’ll shave this head again and make a wig for father time. Perhaps I’ll stealContinue reading “Perhaps.”


If I have the honour, the privilege, of reaching old age, I do intend to make the most of it. Right up to the point where I begin to lose cerebral functionality, or fall terminally ill. If I happen to slip into the spiral of decline, doomed to dwindle away, becoming a frail, trembling, dependentContinue reading “THE FINAL THOUGHT.”


Once again, I am blanketed by the shadow of this colossus. Its influence stretches to the horizon and conceivably, further yet. I lay silent. Between the moment of breath and exhalation, the earth speaks hesitantly, trembling and nervous, pleading for a tear drops pity, but we are one in the same, so I shall sobContinue reading “COLOSSUS”

A New Day.

The morning carried with it a distressing chill, suspending breath, blurring vision. All was silent, save the spluttering of a few cold motors that coughed and choked their way along great concrete veins, which soon would suffer varicose, as sun broke the spell of moons slumber, calling those tired eyes to open wide and guideContinue reading “A New Day.”


Illuminate me, if only for a moment. I expect that in this dismal darkness, stalks the thief we fear. Sleight of hand his tempered blade, silent steps may traverse the expanse, but these feet of mine shall stumble. Apparition in the eye, of the mind, who could dream of such a thing? If I calledContinue reading “Thief.”


I saw you boarding Sleepy eyed & apprehensive Loitering between the doors Shuffling and fumbling the cards Snail paced, disgruntled Heavy breathing Sweating fear, clinging to yourself. We are all waiting for you Take your seat and settle in The journey begins In a moment – Dies shortly after. Trembling in the shadows Darting fromContinue reading “Bus.”


Spiritual plays Floating thru liquid evening Drowning all contempt & Clearing skies otherwise grey Revealing the singular eye Which looks thru me Gloating wisdom in halo Of moon light. Spotless lungs expand then contract Exhaling the breath Lighting life’s pulse Which otherwise had ceased to be Fortunate or cursed am I To witness something true asContinue reading “SPIRITUAL.”


Ego murdered love Butchered a moment Dragged it through time Buried now in silence & Tears, still kicking – Heartbeat heard as echoes In the mirrored chamber Forced to face the glare Of self. Petrified in shadows cast By intrinsic inadequacy Fire of redemption – Thawing flesh. Preserved innocence Warms the darkest side. A virginContinue reading “EGO.”