Callus handshakes – Gentle deals.

Walking extra miles saddened, detour for the sake. Loiter, burning thoughts pace – Delirium. Reaching skyline infinite. Sentinels illuminated godly, desire to approach in darkness. Stumbled near the voiceless chamber, slave to order – slave to peace Freedom pains, unwrapped bones, murdered in broad daylight. Guilt stains the jury bench, unanimously speak. Shaken. Demented. Vicious.Continue reading “Callus handshakes – Gentle deals.”

Outof Gasman.

No one told the driver Outof Gasman Push it over the line Get the kids involved They do it all the time. Redundant gestures in the line They tore my arms off A raging empire Heart thumping cataclysm They’ve tasted blood And By all accounts quite liked it. Lost my own attention It’s a farce,Continue reading “Outof Gasman.”

Swing your tea.

Put humanity to boil everyone swings their tea bag the sun let’s do this by candlelight witness melting faces of your fathers we’ll go play in puddles sodden shoes and fire places third degree burns the hair a rancid smell the roses dying dead the garden rots away with all the pity run to knowingContinue reading “Swing your tea.”

Diary of a speed walking salad eater.

I was in town today and caught the eye of a man who was erratically speed walking while simultaneously devouring a large salad. I have very little trust for people who engage in these activities. I got the impression he was a machine, programmed to annihilate humanity and whose primary fuel source was caesar salad. Suffice to say,Continue reading “Diary of a speed walking salad eater.”