Callus handshakes – Gentle deals.

Walking extra miles saddened, detour for the sake. Loiter, burning thoughts pace – Delirium. Reaching skyline infinite. Sentinels illuminated godly, desire to approach in darkness. Stumbled near the voiceless chamber, slave to order – slave to peace Freedom pains, unwrapped bones, murdered in broad daylight. Guilt stains the jury bench, unanimously speak. Shaken. Demented. Vicious.Continue reading “Callus handshakes – Gentle deals.”

Insta Gram Of Gratification

Food colouring! Rorschach every plate, reflection madman quips – “Dinner is served”. Nonetheless – Hunger of the belly-less satiated What an utter mess. Words to death hollow sentiment penned in ink diluted runs Occupy space – dare not create. Praised holy relics of no religion Parasite – yes you. Plague of no mercy blanket usContinue reading “Insta Gram Of Gratification”


Inaudible screech prophets – Hark! Thrown to ears drowning, not dying And you wonder why the eyes are empty Flock together ghastly mass see the circus Couldn’t burn fast enough – Yes, it’s true Junkyard autopsy neglect was a factor Resurrection doesn’t come cheap Snake oil bathing the young are immortal Stupidity – they laughContinue reading “Prayer.”


Joy lights a cigarette and slumps into the mire, glory feeds a smile that crawls along the cheeks disembarks and slips down the chin, slithering further until feet kissed and maddening wails buckle knees to prayer. Mirror epitaph, sly fucker – bricks for lunch and you thought you would live forever. Lukewarm isolation begs forgetfulContinue reading “Tential”


Come, walk down the halls of my faceless gallery, the blistered portraits of nonsense madman howling at self and nobody, but silence. You are intrigued by the lack of intrigue and boredom soon swings her pendulum hypnotizing us both, moan now sure as I am deaf will your cries be heard by none other. WeContinue reading “Galleryface.”


Time won’t slow or make haste. Time won’t hold up, wait up or make up for what you’ve gained and lost. Whether you built an empire or dug a hole to bury your head. Time stands indifferent. Whether you measured in seconds, minutes or hours. The sands slip effortlessly through fingers, all the same. SaintContinue reading “Marooned.”

A Silent Train Ride.

A dozen vacant eyes stare, mesmerised. A focal point of pointlessness, commands their undivided attention. From ear to ear they slump, then retreat into layers of winter apparel – They rely on these for warmth. The fire within is long extinguished. “Where are we going?” One murmured. Another replied. “You’ve been strapped to the noseContinue reading “A Silent Train Ride.”

The mind of man.

The siren song bids this nightmare live A call to arms, to walk among us. In familiar robes, parading smiles Stealing vision and thanking you. In the wake of heavy steps Dust settles on the mind of man Tongues throw words to death Whose ears are victim and suffers too. So they gather, to countContinue reading “The mind of man.”


If I have the honour, the privilege, of reaching old age, I do intend to make the most of it. Right up to the point where I begin to lose cerebral functionality, or fall terminally ill. If I happen to slip into the spiral of decline, doomed to dwindle away, becoming a frail, trembling, dependentContinue reading “THE FINAL THOUGHT.”